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Frequently asked questions

What is quartz heating?

Quartz heaters work like the sun, radiating their heat instantaneously to the person or objects inside their beam. It is the most effective way to warm people up, since there is no warm-up period. In addition, as the air in the middle remains unheated, no heat is lost in the air currents, open doors or high spaces in the ceiling. This form of heating is ideal in buildings partially occupied since the heating can be zoned and controlled. For more information about quartz heating, visit our "How Quartz Heating Works" page, in our "Technical" section.

Are Solaira infrared heaters expensive to use?

Our infrared heaters are efficient in terms of energy and cost-effective. When installing Solaira infrared heaters, you can have up to 75% discount on your annual heating bills. By adding variable controls and occupancy sensors from Solaira, you can save even more energy by adjusting the heat requirements to different weather conditions and environments. We can estimate all your costs in advance and take into account all the benefits of not having warm-up times.

Is there any ultraviolet (UV) output from the Solaira heaters?

No. Solaira infrared heaters use quartz elements and project only "pure infrared heat", that is, without ultraviolet (UV) light.

Are the quartz heaters controllable?

Yes! The range of Solaira quartz heaters is fully controllable, and we have a range of energy-saving controllers to help increase the energy efficiency of your infrared heater. Our controllers allow our infrared heaters to dim from 100% to 75% to 50% OFF, all with the one-button switch in one of our handy remote controls.

How long do the Solaira infrared lamps (emitters) last?

Unfortunately, no supplier can guarantee 100% the exact length of their lamps, but Solaira's reputation of working only with the best lamp suppliers in the world means that it can expect an average life of around 7000 hours. The use of the range of variable digital controllers of Solaira can increase the useful life of the emitter (lamp) by up to 20%. We use a "soft start" technology that reduces the large 'input' and, in turn, increases the life of the lamps.

Are quartz heaters safe to use?

Of course. There are many misconceptions about quartz short wave infrared heat, and we are here to clear up all the blurry lines that seem to be causing people to misinterpret this heating technology. It is a completely silent, soft and healthy heat. No emissions from heaters are emitted, and quartz infrared heaters are safer than other types of heating because they do not reduce humidity or oxygen content in the room.

Quartz heaters work much like the sun, and you can enjoy the benefits of the natural heat of sunlight without the harmful UV rays penetrating the skin. The short-wave infrared heat will even promote a healthier blood circulation.

Is the range of infrared heaters from Solaira suitable for outdoor use?

Yes. Our quartz infrared heaters produce shortwave infrared (the only type that can heat outdoor areas effectively and not suffer heat loss through draft). Unlike gas alternatives that need security checks every day, our infrared heaters require virtually no maintenance and are completely safe. Solaira offers a full range of IP waterproof heaters that are suitable for outdoor heating. Our infrared heaters use a special powder coating that prevents oxidation.

How are Solaira products tested?

Solaira only sells heaters that have full certifications, which means they are tested independently and rigorously to meet the required safety standards. In addition to this, Solaira thoroughly tests all products for hundreds of hours to ensure that they are not only safe but also the most reliable heaters available.

Why are some heaters cheap and others expensive?

Solaira infrared heaters are manufactured with high quality durable materials and are built to last. The cheapest alternatives in the market, use cheaper materials for their manufacturing process and, often, the manufacture comes from abroad and then is sent back. All Solaira products are designed and manufactured in Canada.

What does IP Rating mean?

The term "IP" means income protection and IP codes provide industry standards to measure the resistance of electrical appliances against the entry of solid or liquid particles. It is a legal requirement that all electrical products have an IP rating.

Why electricity over gas?

Gas heaters are NOT ideal for heating outdoor areas for many reasons. They emit harmful fumes as a byproduct of burning fuel and the heat they produce is eliminated by air currents and winds. They often have less than 50% energy efficiency, while Solaira infrared heaters convert more than 96% of their energy into heat. In simplest terms, a standard 15kW gas mushroom heater is the equivalent of a 1.5kW Solaira infrared heater, due to its directional heat.

Quartz infrared electric heaters do not need large piping installations unlike gas heaters, which also come with the fall of continuous maintenance which can be even more expensive when mounted on high.

How do you install the Solaira heaters?

Solaira infrared heaters are easy to install and, due to their design, offer greater installation versatility. However, we still recommend that you use a qualified electrician for installation. If you would like more information on the installation of Solaira heaters, call us or visit our "Contact" page.