For purchases outside of California the shipping costs will be covered by the customer, please contact to request a quote.

Delivery Coverage

Specialists of Heating Equipment for Exterior.

Our products are delivered by the hand of our sales agent in the buyer's hand only in California.

For purchases outside of California the shipping costs will be covered by the customer, please contact to request a quote.

In California Heaters we have parcel services such as Fedex, DHL, UPS so that your product reaches your hands in the safest and most careful way.

Shipping Policy

The following terms apply for shipments made within California.

What companies transport my merchandise?

California Heaters subcontracts companies specialized in messaging service such as:
Fedex and DHL for deliveries at the National level. As well as companies specialized in the dedicated service / FTL.

How much will it cost me to send merchandise?

The shipping price is calculated according to the total weight of the shipment for packages and according to the total distance from origin to destination for pallets. If the order is generated from our website, the cheapest price will be calculated depending on the warehouse from which it is sent. If you need another parcel, of the aforementioned, ask your seller.

Can I collect the merchandise myself?

Our clients always have the freedom to pick up their merchandise personally, requesting a collection appointment or send the parcel or freight of their preference to our facilities, along with the loading guides .

How long will my shipment take?

All shipments billed before 12:00 hours, will start the dispatch process that same day. Billed shipments after of the established schedule will start process the next business day. The delivery times vary according to the selected messaging depending on the origin and destination, festive date or weather conditions and risk areas, average of 8 to 15 days.

Can my shipment reach any part of the United States?

The customer agrees to provide a valid address within California where the order can be delivered.

In case the courier does not have coverage to the place of destination the system will let you know so that it asks for the quotation of freight to its vendor. We will do everything possible to send your goods to your destination or send them to the nearest branch.

How can I know the status of my shipment?

California Heaters will provide you with the shipping guide number through of your seller. With this number you can check the status directly on the package's website or on your telephone number.

California Heaters can help to follow up on any eventuality, but it is the client's responsibility to go directly to the parcel company with which they agreed to the service.

In case of unsuccessful delivery attempt, the transport companies with which we work have a delivery policy of maximum 3 attempts. After the third attempt, the client must pick up the product at the branch of the courier where he is. In the same way, if the customer does not go for the merchandise in a period of 6-10 days, the merchandise could be sent to a warehouse of "Rezago / abandonment" own of the courier and would have to be returned. Any extra cost that any of these cases generates will be strictly covered by the client.

Messenger service Call Center website
UPS 1-888-742-5877
Fedex 1.800.463.3339
DHL --

Does my merchandise travel insured?

The freight price that is calculated by default will not include insured merchandise. In case you require insurance for the shipment it is necessary to notify your seller.

To insure heaters it will be necessary to send the merchandise by Aeromexico or DHL, since it is the only one that accepts to insure dangerous merchandise / glass.

If you want to send & nbsp; It will be the customer's responsibility to use the service at their own risk in case of any accident during transport. California Heaters is not responsible for any damage or loss that occurred once delivered the merchandise to the courier company.

To ensure equipment in general you can use the service of the two couriers. It would be your decision to choose which one to use when you ask the seller.

What should I do if I secured my merchandise and arrived damaged?

We recommend always checking the merchandise when it is delivered. In case you have any alteration or damage (hit, wet, perforated, manipulated, etc.) please follow the following steps:

1. Write down comments about the damage on the box and on the equipment, on the courier ticket.
(If you do not write down this then you would be signing accordingly and the case would not proceed).

2. Take a picture of the ballot with the comments.

3. Take enough pictures of the damage or anomaly.

4. Take a photograph of the guide with which the goods traveled.

5. Communicate with California Heaters within 24 hours and provide a complete description of the incident and send all the photographs from the previous steps.

If the damage appears to be only in the box, receive the goods but follow all the previous steps and then review the detailed operation of the equipment.
In case the damage on the equipment is very obvious then do not receive the goods.
The delivery time of the couriers is limited so you have to be extremely aware as soon as it is delivered before signing. The analysis is not detailed, so if you see any sign of damage, however slight, please follow the steps.

California Heaters will contact the responsible courier to send you all the information.
The response time on case origin is approximately 48 hours.

What should I do if my goods arrived damaged but I did not hire insurance?

We recommend following the steps above to see if the case proceeds, but California Heaters is not responsible for any merchandise that has not been previously insured.

Any modification to this notice may be consulted through this means.

These Shipping Policies and their modifications will be available on the Internet page

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