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Outdoor Heater Residential Applications

Published by @CaliforniaHeaters on December 12, 2017
Aplicaciones Residenciales

The exceptional range of high quality quartz infrared heaters from Solaira is the most complete and innovative in the world. Solaira has infrared quartz heaters that adapt to any application that requires a reliable heating solution that includes commercial, domestic, outdoor and industrial heating.

Solaira prides itself on its unrivaled reputation for infrared heating and boasts the most prestigious range of short-wave infrared heaters in the world. Due to the wide range of Solaira quartz infrared heaters, they adapt to almost any heating application you can imagine. From patio heating to theme park heating and ski station heating ... we have a heating solution for it!

Below are some of the main applications where the Solaira infrared heaters are installed.

Outdoor heating

Solaira specializes in infrared heating and our wide range of engineering products is an ideal solution for outdoor heating applications.

The outdoor room has become the latest addition to homes around the world and Solaira offers several solutions for heating outdoor rooms. Architects and designers can choose from a fully integrated design (recreation) to a suspended support on the ceiling or wall to adapt to the space and arrangements of the seats.

Solaira radiant short-radiant heat gives home owners thermal comfort when they want, and only when necessary.

Porch Heating

Solaira heaters are great for porches. A porch (of the old French portico, of the Latin porticus "columnata", of the "passage" portal) is a construction generally external to the walls of the main building.

We enjoy the comfort and protection of the porch to sit and relax, read, have a coffee and sometimes take a nap. The best porches have excellent views, comfortable seats and protected from rain or sleet. Enjoying your favorite porch on cold days is much more comfortable with a Solaira Porch heater.

Do you need help to choose the ideal heater for your needs?

Patio heaters

The word Patio comes from the Spanish patjo (similar to patio) is an outdoor space generally used for dining or recreation that is next to a residence.

The patios vary greatly in design and structure, from open air to roof, awnings or umbrellas, all designed to meet the needs of the user. Cold days can be compensated with a high quality patio heater, weather resistant and controllable. Solaira heaters can be mounted on most patio structures to suit design requirements.

Heating Gazebo

Keep your Gazebo warm all year long. The summer house, the screen house and the kiosks are all versions of one of America's favorite backyard structures, the Gazebo.

The gazebos provide shade on sunny days and shelter on wet and rainy days. The Gazebo structures are designed with pillars and a roof, sometimes screens on the walls and possibly removable waterproof curtains. For cold days, these shelters can also be kept warm with Solaira heaters and control options.

California Heaters authorized dealers can help you with design and mounting considerations to achieve the target heat increase for almost any environment.

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