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Types of radiant heating: Short, Medium, Long

Published by @CaliforniaHeaters on December 07, 2017
Heating types Infrared Radiant

Emitter Lamps Short Wave

The high intensity short wave quartz heaters work like sunlight, without preheating time and are capable of providing instant heat, ideal for commercial, hotel and outdoor heating.

Short-wave heaters heat people and objects inside the beam instead of the air, resulting in a comfortable environment. 'Near Infrared' is part of the infrared spectrum with shorter wavelengths, and is sometimes referred to as shortwave infrared.

The output of the short-wave heaters is practically unaffected by the wind that makes the heaters ideal for heating the patio and the terrace, as well as for heating the outdoor areas of bars and restaurants. Short-wave heaters provide the best heat intensity required for space heating and for heating indoor areas such as churches and industrial buildings.

Short-wave quartz heaters emit about 92% (more than 85% after reflectors) of their energy in the form of heat and, without pre-heating time, short-wave heaters are the most efficient type of heaters since energy point of view.

This compares highly favorably with other types of heating such as gas heaters, convection and fans, and it is this energy efficiency that makes short-wave quartz heaters very economical, making the quartz heaters suitable for heating commercial and domestic.

Solaira S-Wave heaters are being used in thousands of commercial and residential applications throughout the Americas and the world. Solaira offers a range of short-wave quartz heaters, perfect for many heating applications. Solaira offers S-Wave heaters in low-glare and ultra-bright CANDEL series heaters in ALPHA, ICR, ICR INTEGRATED RECESS, XL, COZY

Heating types Infrared Radiant

Medium Wave Heating

The medium-wave quartz heaters are more suitable for indoor heating and semi-enclosed environments, such as closed areas of restaurants and bars, residential conservatories and waiting areas and offices in commercial buildings where milder heat is required.

These types of heaters usually take between 3 and 7 minutes to warm up completely. The radiant emitter (thermal element) inside the medium wave heaters is usually a ceramic lamp.

This emits a much lower glare level than short wave heaters, so medium wave heaters are suitable for areas where light is not needed, such as theaters and auditoriums.

Although they do not provide a heat intensity that short-wave heaters can meet, medium-wave heaters do not contain glass either, perfect for hospital and restorative environments.

The heat of the medium wave is less directional and is susceptible to air movement, so it is not ideal or as effective as the S-Wave for outdoor heating. The wavelength is inversely proportional to the temperature. As the temperature increases, the wavelength decreases.

A medium wave filament is only heated up to around 900º Celsius, making it suitable for interior comfort heating, as well as for curing and drying processes instead of external heating. Solaira offers heaters of the ZIRO series of medium wave heaters for this application.

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Heating types Infrared Radiant

Long Wave Heating

Long-wave heaters are generally used indoors and in restoration environments, where a low level of heat is required and the use of glass is not allowed. These heaters usually take more than 10 minutes to warm up.

Ceramic plate heaters fall between medium and long wave heat, heating up to around 500º Celsius. The "far infrared" is part of the infrared spectrum with the longest wavelengths, and is sometimes called longwave infrared.

Long-wave heaters are highly unsuitable for outdoor heating because the heat emitted is susceptible to air movement and is easily affected by the wind, heating the air instead of penetrating and warming the person.

Only 40% of the energy of a long-wave heater is emitted in the form of heat, so that 60% of its energy is used to heat the surrounding space, which makes long-wave heaters the least efficient infrared heaters. Currently, Solaira does not design products with long wave heating.

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