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Infrared Heating | Concept

Published by @CaliforniaHeaters on December 18, 2017
Infrared Heating

Infrared radiation, also called thermal radiation or IR radiation is a type of electromagnetic radiation of a greater wavelength than visible light. It is independent of matter for its propagation and is perceived by the body as a pleasant sensation of heat.

But is infrared heat safe?

Of course. There are many misconceptions about quartz short wave infrared heat, and we are here to clear up all the blurry lines that seem to be causing people to misinterpret this heating technology. It is a completely silent, soft and healthy heat. Quartz infrared heaters are safer than other types of heating because they do not reduce humidity or oxygen content in the room.

Quartz heaters work much like the sun, and you can enjoy the benefits of the natural heat of sunlight without the harmful UV rays penetrating the skin. The short-wave infrared heat will even promote a healthier blood circulation.

The main characteristic of short-wave infrared radiation is to heat people or objects directly without increasing the temperature of the air around them.

It is the same thermal sensation that we feel outdoors on a cool and sunny spring day, in which we are very comfortable in the sun, until a large cloud covers it. Although the air temperature has not had time to go down, we feel cold. This is because the cloud does not let infrared rays pass.

There are many advantages of infrared heaters over other heat systems.

Some of the most important:

Instant heat and modular design
  • Instant heat receiving more than 92% of the heat emission in less than 1 second.
  • Reduced size and easy installation.
  • Ergonomic design and total modularity in the location.
  • Protection against water splashes.
  • Suitable for outdoor use.
  • Aesthetic and functional.

Do you need help to choose the ideal heater for your needs?

Healthy Heat
  • Free of CO2 and NOx emissions.
  • It does not require the use of dangerous consumables.
  • It does not generate dirt or noise.
  • Healthy and natural heat without fumes or harmful substances.
  • Does not remove the air (ideal allergic).
  • Comfortable feeling of being in the sun.
Economic heat
  • Effective and economic heat. 92% of the energy is converted into heat.
  • Direct heat that does not heat the air, receiving all the heat from people and irradiated objects.
  • Heat adjustable as light, taking advantage of where it is needed.
  • There is no loss of energy due to preheating or rising air.
  • Quartz lamps of maximum efficiency and lasting between 5000 and 7000 hours of use.
  • Does not require maintenance.

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