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Green Energy and Energy Saving | Outdoor Heaters

Published by @CaliforniaHeaters on December 19, 2017
Green Energy and Energy Saving

Infrared heating is considered very efficient because it only heats up a particular area instead of the entire room.

Unlike convection heaters, infrared heating does not heat the air, but its heat is pleasantly transmitted as sunlight to people in its path.

Infrared produces immediate heat and, consequently, consumes less energy. It is the best way to heat large buildings, such as churches, aircraft hangars and train stations, since it does not take pre-heating time and the heat does not reach the ceiling.

Why infrared heating is classified as green energy?

Some of the most important:

  • No direct CO2 emissions and NOx emissions
  • Without oxygen consumption.
  • Safe and odorless.
  • Safe for people, pets and the environment.
  • There is no dust or air movement that means a safer and healthier way of heating.
  • Environmental friendly.
  • Free of condensation that helps prevent mildew and moisture associated with other forms of heating.
  • Less than 4% waste of energy.

Do you need help to choose the ideal heater for your needs?

Solaira quartz infrared heaters save energy since no preheating time is required to bring the room to room temperature.

For example, in churches, Solaira infrared heaters can be turned on at the time the congregation arrives and are only used for a few hours.

The alternative is the heating systems that must be left on for hours or even days so that the room reaches the right ambient temperature.

This is not only more inefficient in terms of energy consumption but also much more expensive than Solaira heating systems.

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