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Comparative Solaira Heaters vs Gas Heaters

Published by @CaliforniaHeaters on December 11, 2017
Solaira Heaters vs Gas Heaters


Quartz radiation heating is well known and has been in use for some years; however, there are important differences between long, medium and short wave emitters.

As seen in the above thermal image graphics, the heat intensity of a standard quartz heater is much lower than a Solaira quartz infrared heater. This is because many manufacturers of infrared heating claim that their "medium wave" heater is a short-wave heater. People then invest in the heater and discover that it is not effective in outdoor applications.

The Solaira electric quartz heaters provide instantaneous and directional heat, with no initial heating period. The air practically does not absorb any energy, which means that a high degree of heat is achieved without wasting energy; therefore, they use a short wave of quartz technology, being the heating form more respectful with the environment, since it is adjustable and of instantaneous heating.

The medium wave heaters heat the air and not people. This type of heater is also affected by the wind, therefore, if you sit on a terrace with a lot of wind, the effects of heating will not be felt as the wind drags them.

Short Wave (Heater Solaira)

  • 6% of the energy consumed is direct heat radiation.
  • The heat is directed to the person / object below and, next to it, no heat is lost in the air.
  • Medium Wave (Standard Heater)

  • 0% of the energy consumed is direct heat radiation.
  • The heat is not directly projected to the person / object below and, consequently, rises.
  • Gas heater

  • 0% of the energy consumed is direct heat radiation.
  • The heat dissipates not far from the heater and is carried away by the air.
  • Design

    Gas heaters are usually an eyesore with their large metal frames and tend to take up a lot of space. Solaira has a range of elegant quartz infrared heaters that are designed to fit effortlessly into your environment, with the option of having your heater in any RAL color or even custom branding for your company.


    Solaira infrared heaters are virtually maintenance free. They have no moving parts, so you do not have to wear out the engine, replace the air filters or require genuine maintenance associated with most gas heaters. With an average lamp life of approximately 7000 hours, Solaira heaters can be installed and forgotten.

    Operating costs

    The operating costs are calculable in advance and are lower than those of the gas systems, since almost all the electrical energy absorbed is converted into heat, which provides a saving of more than 30% compared to gas heaters.

    The reason why you can save money using electric infrared heating is that infrared heat is much more effective at heating a person / object than a conventional gas heater.

    For example, if you have two heaters in your restaurant, one is a 2.9kW gas heater and the other is a 1.5kW infrared heater. It would take much less time for your customers to feel the benefits of the infrared heater than it would with the gas heater. Why? Because the body simply feels warmer when it is under the influence of infrared heat than hot air.

    This is because short-wave infrared rays penetrate the skin and not only heat the air. With the Solaira infrared heaters, you do not have to wait for the heater to heat up either, so when you turn it on, you feel the heat right away.

    Therefore, this reduces the amount of time it takes to warm a person compared to gas heaters, which in turn means that the heater will be on for less time (or reduced heat production) keeping your low electricity bills. However, do not just accept our word, read some of our case studies!

    Do you need help to choose the ideal heater for your needs?


    The gas "mushroom" heater that you usually see on terraces and in bars / restaurants is often associated with the burden of lifting and inserting heavy gas bottles whenever it is necessary to change them.

    Not only this, but it has the additional task of finding a safe place to store these gas bottles. This can be a big security problem, especially in commercial areas such as restaurants and hotel terraces. The 'Top of the Range' patio gas heaters are heavy and extremely difficult to move, which creates safety issues when moving them.

    Solaira infrared heaters are modular and compact, with no gas bottles to replace or no harmful fumes emitted by them. The gas is beginning to be banned for these reasons in some places like Paris and Dubai. Infrared electric shortwave heating is growing and will be the future of heating.

    Easy to use

    A Solaira infrared heater is easy to use. Enjoying the warmth of our heaters is as easy as moving a switch or clicking a button with our range of energy-saving controllers. You can adjust the heaters with our controllers from 0% -50% -75% -100% power. By contrast, gas heaters can not be controlled at these levels, therefore, there is only one adjustment available.


    Pyramid gas heaters take up a lot of space, which in commercial restaurant environments removes the allocation of tables, and fewer tables mean less revenue for the restaurant owner. For a great place, you would need enough of these gas heaters to heat the floor area effectively.

    Solaira infrared heaters are compact and have the option to hang them on the wall, hang them on the ceiling or recessed in the wall, do not occupy space on the floor and can be installed outside the line of the eye so your customers do not even know that They are there, in addition to feeling the warmth, of course!


    Solaira quartz infrared heaters operate without air circulation that can raise and stabilize dust. For this reason, our heaters are ideal for many applications, both in the home, industrial environments and commercial environments.

     Unlike gas heaters that sometimes emit harmful gases that are dangerous, infrared heaters are a clean heating product. They do not reduce oxygen in the room and, unlike gas heaters, do not dry the breasts or the skin. Instead of a charged environment, you can relax in a pleasantly warm and fresh environment.


    With the "mushroom" gas heaters for the patio, the bottles must be replaced, so they must also be stored and then reordered regularly. This involves more man hours and consumes a lot of time. The Solaira infrared heaters are the perfect heating solution for this, and offer the 'install & forget' heating system.

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