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Buyer's Guide - Infrared Outdoor Heaters

Published by @CaliforniaHeaters on December 05, 2017
Buyer's Guide

When selecting a patio heater, it is important to consider where you will be located. As a general rule, ordinary lamps should not be operated in an inclined position as they will burn. Solaira is a leading manufacturer of infrared heaters and, therefore, offers quartz heaters with lamps that have been specifically designed to operate horizontally or at an angle, and must be specified at the time of ordering. Always look at the lamp inside the heater and make sure it is a branded lamp and not an economical alternative.

A linear quartz heater should always have a highly reflective, long-lasting aluminum reflector that directs a focused beam of energy into an area as required. A special benefit of management is that high intensity radiant heating can be provided at low levels even though the heater is mounted at a high level.

Always look for heaters with a dedicated reflector; not those that depend on the surface of their extrusion to reflect the heat backwards. The extrusion production method leaves surface markings and, in general, is not mirror quality, so it can not act as a true reflector. It is simply a measure of cost savings for the manufacturer.

Choose the best electric heater for your needs

Ask yourself: how much heat do I really need? Do I need heat all year round, even when the outside temperature is below the freezing point? Where will I mount or support the heater? What energy source is available? Does the heater need to be waterproof? If you buy an umbrella adjustment heater, how often will it be necessary to remove the umbrella? Who controls the heater? The client? Maybe you need a timer switch? I? Maybe a controller is needed to adjust the temperature? If you know the answers to these questions, the heater (s) will usually choose themselves, however, we are always happy to talk with our clients and make recommendations based on their specific circumstances.

Do you need help to choose the ideal heater for your needs?

Solaira heaters offer supreme quality

The high quality aluminum is always used in our reflectors, because its reflectance is in the visible range of 85-90% and increases to 90-95% in the IR-A range, this provides the high levels of heat that They are required when the heaters are mounted on a higher level. The cheap imitation quartz heaters only have 30% of the output of a Solaira infrared heater, since they use low grade lighting material that is only 0.2-0.4 mm thick; It has an insufficient reflective layer and absorbs heat, finally closing around the lamp.

Solaira infrared heaters have a superior parabolic reflector

It is essential that the shape of the reflector parabola is accurate and that the lamp is placed in the correct focus inside the reflector to obtain the maximum heat output. Solaira uses CAD technology to produce the reflector, the most critical part of the heater. If the focal point of the lamp assembly is incorrect, it will retain the heat in the body instead of projecting it outwards, which will cause a premature failure of the lamp.

The pinch temperature in the lamp assemblies is very critical and should not exceed 350 degrees Celsius, doing so will cause a premature failure of the lamp again. The lamp should be mounted in such a way that it dissipates the heat from the ceramic of the lamp to the body of the heater, which in turn will act as a heat sink. Always look for heaters with side reflectors as they keep heat away from the critical part of the lamp and significantly improve the heater output.

Weatherproof infrared heaters for all seasons of the year

Some heaters are marketed with a high IP rating (entry to test), p. IP65. You pay extra for it, but the question is, do you really need it? Many heaters are installed under cover, an awning or umbrella, which in itself provides protection. If they are not, any value higher than IP24 is a sufficient rating for permanent outdoor installations. If a heater has an IP65 rating, check if it can be reconnected, since many can not. The wiring is normally such that the heater must be disassembled by an electrical engineer to reconnect it or return it to the factory.

Cheap copies of quartz patio heaters are a problem for manufacturers of genuine products: the old adage is "you get what you pay for" and this applies to most things in life, including patio heaters. The facts are that the component parts are of inferior quality, produce little heat output and inadequate lamp life of less than one hundred hours. There have been substantial technological improvements since the first infrared quartz patio heater appeared on the market more than 15 years ago. The improved range of infrared quartz heaters from Solaira incorporates all these improvements with unrivaled reliability: reputation is everything!

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