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Benefits of quartz heating

Published by @CaliforniaHeaters on December 06, 2017
benefits of quartz heating

What is quartz heating?

Quartz heating is a type of radiant heating, commonly known as short wave infrared heating. Radiant heating uses infrared waves to directly heat the surfaces of objects. All objects emit and absorb infrared heat, which is part of the electromagnetic spectrum with a frequency below visible light. The hotter objects will radiate more of this heat.

This is the basis of technology for most quartz heaters. Infrared heat was discovered in the 19th century by William Herschel, who named the invisible light as 'infrared' because he believed it was 'below the red light,' as 'infrastructure' in America translates as 'below'. This meant that Herschel discovered a form of light beyond the red light in the electromagnetic spectrum and marked the first time in history that someone showed that they were not light types that can not be seen with the naked eye.

The first quartz heaters used what is known as 'near infrared' or 'infrared short wave' which we call Solaira S-Wave which is closer to red in the spectrum of light and capable of containing large amounts of heat.

How does quartz heating work?

The principle of heating quartz (a type of radiant heating) is well known and has been used for many years. Electric infrared energy travels in a straight line from the heat source. This energy is directed to specific patterns by optically designed reflectors. Infrared, like light, travels out from the heat source and diffuses over a distance.

The heating of quartz works in a similar way to the sun, traveling in parallel lines, even able to cross the void of space. This is the reason why the quartz wind is not affected by the wind and can directly heat people and objects. The quartz heaters are suitable for outdoor heating, as well as indoor heating and, due to their heat intensity, they are also very effective for heating spaces.

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How do quartz heaters work?

A quartz heater is a common type of infrared heater and the creation and subsequent heat release of the heater is done by the heating element, enclosed in a quartz tube. The heating element produces heat at the wavelength necessary to create the appropriate intensity level to heat the specific material required. The purpose of the quartz tube is to protect the heating element and also to stop the escape of convection heat.

The principle of quartz heating works when the heating element becomes very hot and the quartz tube experiences a sudden accumulation of heat. When the quartz tube reaches the proper temperature, the heat is emitted outside the quartz tube. The wavelength of heat produced by this process has been recognized as ideal for the human body. The infrared heat is absorbed directly by people and objects near the quartz heater and the air absorbs very little heat, because the infrared spectrum is almost completely outside the absorption spectrum of the air.

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